The purpose of The Aldwiki is to offer students in Mr. Wright's classes at the Academic Magnet High School a place to exchange their observations and research related to works created by the artist, Aldwyth. The goal is to create an online clearinghouse of information and interpretations of Aldwyth's artwork.

Site summary

In the left column is a list of pages created for each of Aldwyth's works from the Halsey Gallery exhibition.
Each page has two sections that can be accessed using the tabs at the top of the page.
MAIN PAGE: Read information and post research related to the featured Aldwyth piece.
DISCUSSION PAGE: Read and comment on posts related to the featured Aldwyth piece.

Ekphrastic Poems inspired by Aldwyth's Art

Click here to view students in Mr. Wright's creative writing class reading their poems they wrote in response to Aldwyth's works.

Audio: Aldwyth's Lecture at The College of Charleston

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1. Use the list to the left to locate the work of art you wish to explore.
2. Visit and explore the page to see what others have said about the work.
3. Share your own ideas, interpretations, revelations, and questions about the work by adding information to the discussion page.
Don't see a page for your piece? Create a new page!

The Halsey Gallery Web Page

Visit the Aldwyth exhibition posted on the College of Charleston's Halsey Gallery web page at: