No pictures of this piece could be located, but here is a description:
The piece is a wooden box about the size of a cigar box with clear glass in the front and on each side with wooden framing securing the pieces of glass. Inside the box are many puzzle pieces that all say work. On the right side the puzzle pieces are all white, but on the left side they are mostly black with a few white pieces in front of them. In the center top of the glass is the word about. Under that are two definitions of work. 1. that which is produced, something made or done, structures. 2. to cause, to bring about, to make (one's way) by effort, to solve. On the wooden frame of the box are the words starting at the bottom left corner of the wooden frame and wrapping clockwise is the statement: The really important phenomena associated with the presumption of intelligence have been known for/ages and one is scarcely called upon to explain that which is confesedly illusive. On the other hand the more difficult series/presents facts worth the investigation calculated to result in comprehension susceptible of examination/only by careful examination. It would be pleasant to find some explanation but it would conduce nothing to the work. By the way, the /s indicate a new side of the frame. (Information from the Halsey Institute)

Conduce: to lead or tend to a particular and often desirable result, contribute (Merriam Webster online dictionary definition)